NEWS. The GeoUML tools v.3.0 available on this website work with Java RE v.6 or 7. A new version v.3.1 will be available for JRE v.8 

NEWS. The development of the GeoUMLtools becomes an open source project.

SpatialDBgroup is group of Researchers of the DEIB Department, Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and of the Computer Science Department, Università degli Studi di Verona (Italy). The group has developed two tool-sets for the design of Spatial Databases:

  • the GeoUML Tools, developed from 2008 to 2011 on behalf of CISIS (a consortium of Italian Regions), which are now adopted by several Italian Regions for the design and validation of their Geo-Topographical Databases
  • the Inspire Data Model (IDM) Tools, a project started in 2013 in order to apply the experience gained in the GeoUML project to the design of an “INSPIRE compliant” database capable of supporting a WFS service

The reason why the design of an Inspire Database required a new project is that the GeoUML Conceptual Model adopts a profile of the ISO 19100 Standards which does not allow to represent the complete Inspire Data Model.
The key ideas applied by both projects are:

  • to be compliant with ISO 19100 standards;
  • to base the Database Design on a Conceptual Schema and on the automatic derivation of the physical structures;
  • to provide a way of exploring the Conceptual Schema that is different and complementary to reading UML diagrams;

The GeoUML tools provide some additional functionalities (the introduction of these aspects also in the IDM tools is under evaluation):

  • the definition of Spatial Constraints in the Conceptual Schema
  • the support for several kinds of Physical Structures, called Implementation Models
  • the automatic validation of the conformance of a Spatial Dataset to its Conceptual Schema, including the Spatial Constraints, and its Implementation Model.


  • Prof. Giuseppe Pelagatti (Politecnico di Milano) Email
  • Prof. Mauro Negri (Politecnico di Milano) Email
  • Prof. Alberto Belussi (Università di Verona) Email
  • Dr. Sara Migliorini (research assistant – Università di Verona) Email
  • Dr. Federica Liguori (external researcher)
  • Ing. Jody Marca (external researcher)
  • Ing. Paolo Visentini (technical staff – Politecnico di Milano)